Why a technical drawing is important

People in manufacturing understand the importance of technical drawings. Good technical drawings can often reduce the risk of significant delays in production as well as guard against the danger of ending up with an inaccurate gear. Technical drawings must be accurate, and drafted according to industry standards, whether they be for one off or mass production.

Defining a gear for manufacturing requirement necessitates some engineering knowledge and manufacturing expertise. Backed by years of experience in the gear manufacturing industry, Ronson Gears manufactures gears to our customer’s design specifications.

A typical gear manufacturing requirement should include information covering the following aspects:-

  • Defining the type of gear
  • Material
  • The correct pitch (Module or Diametral Pitch)
  • The correct pressure angle
  • Number of teeth
  • All dimensions, including tolerances
  • Pitch diameter (this is important as the gear tooth may be corrected)
  • Outside diameter
  • Details of mating gear
  • Heat treatment specifications
  • If a bevel gear, mounting distances and pitch cone angles are required
  • If a helical gear, a helix angle is required and the hand must be noted

The more information provided the more accurate the gear quality and results.

Cheers to gears!

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