Ronson’s investment in our latest Okuma LB3000 EX11 CNC Machine embraces ‘The Internet of Things’ manufacturing philosophy. Using Industry 4.0 technology to move us towards a ‘smart factory’ operation by linking this new CNC machine with a RoboJob robot.

Not only can the Okuma LB3000 EX11 CNC Machine work to higher levels of precision and tolerances but its end-to-end connectivity through the production process via robotics improves turnaround times and capacity dramatically. 

To appreciate why this ‘smart’ technology is a real game changer for our customers you only have to read about its capability.

The Okuma LB3000 is reputed for its speed, accuracy and reliability. Coupling this excellence with the robotic precision of RoboJob increases output dramatically and enables us to cope with sudden fluctuations in order sizes and improve delivery times. It gives our customers precision and quality at speed.

Get a glimpse of the pair in action in the melodic link below. Could your next order benefit from this new way of working? Click here.

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