Ronson Gears couldn’t agree more with Adam Gimpert’s recent post in AGMA’s new blog forum. The subject is the strategy of capital investment. We concur that it is better to invest for the future and buy capital equipment that offers the latest capabilities rather than lower tech, dated but clearly cheaper alternatives in the interests of short-term gain.

The proof of our long-term thinking can be seen in our recent blog where we featured the acquisition of the latest Okuma LB300 EX11 CNC machine that utilises Industry 4.0 technology to link up with a RoboJob robot.

We also hope to be in a position to announce further investments that will take Ronson Gears to the cutting edge of gear manufacturing technology in the next few months!

It is our intention to keep moving towards a ‘smart factory’, which may require greater investment in the short term but can only pay dividends when you take the longer view, which we most certainly do.

See the full blog about investing for the longer term here.

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