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Ronson Gears delivers the quality, performance and reliability our customers demand. That commitment to excellence has seen us grow to become a leading provider of premium gear manufacturing services to Australian and global industry.

The key? A clear focus on our vision of “Creating excellence, through Commitment, Communication and Co-operation.”

Quality creates confidence. To ensure the products we manufacture exceed our customers’ expectations, our manufacturing team follows strict process control through all phases of production. Our dedication to quality is backed by AS9100 C and ISO9001:2008 accreditation from Lloyds Quality Assurance Limited. Gear Quality grades regularly exceed AGMA 12/DIN 4.

Our Gear Measurement Service Offer

Our passion for precision makes superior gear measurement technology essential. We offer our unique gear inspection service to a range of industries. With increasing demand for quality, we can help by providing precise gear measurement.

Our Wenzel GearTec LH1010 Gear CNC gear measuring machine ensures the quality and performance of our products has never been higher. This German made machine’s generative gear measuring software is incredibly fast and precise. It can measure up to 1.4 metres in diameter and its rotary table facilitates high-precision 3-D, 4-axis gear measurement. With all the capabilities of a CMM, it is an extremely versatile CNC gear measuring facility.

The GearTec LH1010 measures the following in both internal and external executions:

  • The profile, lead, run out and pitch accuracies of spur gears and helical gears
  • The profile, lead, run out and pitch accuracies of bevel gears
  • The profile, lead, run out and pitch accuracies of splines

View a typical chart generated by our CNC Gear Measuring Machine.

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