Your plans should be underway if you are intending making the trip to Gear Expo 2017 in Columbus, Ohio between 24 – 26th October. For many, it’s a lot of air miles but it’s an event that continues to grow year-on-year. Owned by AGMA, Gear Expo is the focal point for drive technology experts to showcase their talents and innovations as well as forging relationships with others in the market. 

Gear Expo also features a full range of Education Classes providing the opportunity to learn as well as look. Registration is now open for the following classes:-

  • Basics of Gearing
  • Why bearings are damaged
  • Taming tooth deflections: The case for profile modifications
  • Reverse gear system engineering
  • High profile contact ratio gearing
  • Gearbox field inspection
  • How to read and interpret a gear maintenance report
  • Gearbox maintenance
  • Materials selection and heat treatment of gears

Complete information at www.gearexpo.com

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