Aerospace and Defence

Defence Ronson Gears

Ronson Gears possesses the experience and technology to play a key role in the supply of machined components, gears and assemblies into the Aerospace and Defence industries.

With end users including Raytheon, Land Rover, Boeing Defence Systems and Lockheed Martin we are trusted by many who require high precision components and gears in their respective applications.  

Working to quality systems AS 9100C and ISO 9001:2008 ensures we meet every customer’s requirements of supply.


Ronson Gears Mining 

Australia is a land of vast resources and mining remains one of our country’s biggest export markets.  As a key supplier to Australia’s largest mines through the world’s most recognisable suppliers, Ronson Gears is well equipped to provide precision gearing for the mining industry. Our gears are exported to all corners of the globe through our own customer base or via our supplier’s end product.

We supply spur gears, helical gears, internal gears and gear racks to a wide range of underground and above ground mining applications which includes long wall vehicles, screens, centrifuges, crushers, rock drills and drill rigs.  Whether you have a low or high volume requirement, our adaptability is second to none.


Ronson Gears Transport 

Ronson Gears supplies spur gears, splined shafts, helical gears, internal gears and planetary systems for a number of different transportation modes. We have the capability and know-how to produce quality gearing and components for any mode of transport, whether it is a Corvette, freight locomotive, after market 4WD applications, road trains or long wall mining vehicles.


 Ronson Gears Industrial

Ronson Gears is involved in many industrial sectors: waste management, construction, water management, hoist and crane systems, energy, the list goes on.

Our gears and assemblies can be found in the actuating arm mechanisms on waste trucks, in automatic door drives in landmark buildings around Australia and the Middle East, in gear boxes for water management facilities, in hoists for locomotives, in the drives for the Perth Arena and Margaret Court Arena (Melbourne) roofs, in overhead hoist systems on ships and in ports and in sugar cane harvesters all over the world.

Our customer’s products are vast and varied and work in the toughest of climates so it is essential that all the components in the application be made to specification without question. Ronson Gears ensures your gears and associated components meet the required quality levels - without question!

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