The Managing Director of Ronson Gears, Gordon New, also sits on the Board of Trustees of the AGMA Foundation. (Third one up on the right in the picture above). The Foundation was founded and funded by AGMA members to develop initiatives that help the industry prepare for a rapidly changing future.

Conscious of the rapid changes taking place in the world of business, and to ensure that the Foundation is working in conjunction with members’ needs, an industry-wide survey was conducted in July.

A meeting attended by Gordon was convened recently in Columbus, Ohio, to discuss the results of the survey and develop directions to address issues raised. This will help ensure that Foundation programs meet the current needs and challenges perceived in the industry.

The survey identified workforce acquisition, training and retention of staff and the need to keep up with emerging technologies as key issues. The Columbus meeting discussed these results and ways to align the Foundation’s programs to address these needs. Here are the main outcomes:

1. It was decided that we needed to develop a Roadmap (2108-2020) encompassing a new range of programs to tackle the industry critical issues highlighted in the survey.

2. The Foundation will be developing several new ideas to come out of the planning process:

  • To develop industry communications to attract a new work force
  • Benchmarking retention programs to keep talent within the industry
  • Researching potential resources to support workforce development
  • One Foundation legacy program, scholarships for Engineering Students, will continue to be part of the strategic plan continuing support for students aspiring to a career in the Gear Industry at the technical/associate, undergraduate and graduate levels.

3. The Foundation Board of Trustees will conclude the 2018 – 2020 Roadmap at its next meeting in April 2018.

“The Foundation is grateful to all its donors, past and present, whose generous gifts are providing our industry with the necessary tools and information to thrive in the future” said Cindy Bennett, Executive Director of the AGMA Foundation. See more here.

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