A blog posted by Matthew Croson emphasises the global remit of AGMA.  ‘30% of the membership is made up of global companies’.

Indeed, our very own Managing Director, Gordon New, has long held key roles in the organisation and now sits on the board of the AGMA Foundation.

This global reach makes sense on a number of fronts, not just membership gains.


Wednesday, 11 April 2018 00:00

Leading on from last week’s blog about tech trends in manufacturing – let’s take a step closer to home and look at the seismic changes that will occur in gear manufacturing.

This includes gears capable of operating in the hostile environments of outer space. 

Manufacturing Business Technology magazine picks 3 tech trends of 2018 likely to make a big impact on manufacturing.

As it says, the world of manufacturing tends to lead consumer markets when it comes to innovation, so we can take it as a key indicator of things set to shape our world beyond the workplace.


Wednesday, 21 March 2018 00:00

That’s the view of Warren Pearce, Chief Executive of The Association of Mining & Exploration Companies (AMEC).

It was in response to the last annual report on the ‘Regional Median Investment Attractiveness Score 2016 -17 for the mining industry. 

It ranks countries and regions for their relative investment attractiveness for mining operations.

Traditionally, Australia has held top spot – but not any more.

So, what’s happened?


Wednesday, 28 March 2018 00:00

Centennials, Millennials, Generation Y, Generation X….Baby Boomers….There has never been a time when generations are so defined and categorised. However, if we are to address the key industry issue of recruitment and retention we must adopt a more inclusive culture where each generation recognises what the other can bring to the table.

Gear Technology’s ‘State of the Gear Industry’ survey is becoming an anticipated annual bell weather of the sentiment and challenges faced by the industry.

This year, records high levels of optimism from the Reader Survey but it is balanced by many of the challenges.

Recently in Gear Talk we have posted the annual survey from Gear Technology magazine, ‘State of the Gear Industry in 2018’. The one real negative, amongst the mostly positive sentiment, was the difficulty in recruiting and attracting labour to manufacturing.

That’s why this article in New Equipment Digest is a timely follow up as it outlines some initiatives we can take to promote careers in manufacturing, particularly amongst younger age groups.

In the most demanding applications, PVD coatings can help extend the life of gears by increasing surface hardness and durability.

Even though gears are made of hardened steel or metal alloys they can still fail and have a shorter life cycle in many applications. These include subjecting the gear to high loads, metal-to-metal contact, extreme temperatures, high-speeds or if contaminants are present. So what are the recommended options to extend life under such conditions?

Kevlar was discovered by an unsung heroine in 1965, who was working to find fibres stronger and lighter than steel. 

Today, working on a ‘nano’ scale is the pathway to developing new materials with even greater capabilities and applications. 


Wednesday, 31 January 2018 00:00

‘Gearheads’ get their own channel delivered by Gear Technology magazine. Gear Technology TV is a must watch for anyone in or around the gear industry. It is being rapidly populated by a whole array of features and faces that many of you will recognise. As well as educational and gear-related videos there’s ‘Ask the Expert Live’ recorded at Gear Expo.

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