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A lathe, a gear hobbing machine and a small workshop. These were the tools with which Australian engineer Ronald Charles New founded Ronson Gears in 1954. With a passion for precision, the company has flourished and earned a worldwide reputation for innovation and excellence. In 1967, Ronson Gears moved to its current premises which have since been extended − twice.

Since 1990 Ronald’s sons, Gordon and Terry New, have sourced developments in gear manufacturing from around the globe. As an Australian industry leader, Ronson Gears continues to invest in the latest technology bringing an ever increasing range of premium machining and gear services to our loyal local and international clients.

Today sees Ronson Gears planning for the future to ensure every machinery purchase, every customer order and every decision is tailored towards the company’s and customer’s future well being. As part of this strategic planning, Ronson Gears has commenced a Succession Plan which sees team members Darren Snow, Gavin New, Jason Graham, and Stephen Bell appointed as the management team that will guide the company’s future direction. Accomplished individuals in their own rights, they bring with them a wealth of experience across different areas of business.

This experience is already being recognized for its recent accomplishments.  In 2013 Ronson Gears was awarded the Significant Achievement Award by the Australian Government for its outstanding success throughout the year.  This success has come from a Continual Improvement mindset and continues to this day.  

Ronson Gears is an active member of international industry associations including Eurotrans and the American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA), and has firm relationships with associate companies in Europe, Great Britain, Japan, New Zealand and USA.

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